Having been in Korea for almost two months, we can’t help but notice that our pants fit us a bit looser than before. Of course, there might be many reasons for this pleasant circumstance. For example, we are frugal with meat, cheese, potato, peanut butter, etc. We live in the mountainous area with no cars, using public transportation. But I believe the main contributor to our unexpected trimming is Korean food. The fact is that University provides staff members with lunches, and we try to take advantage of this convenience because it is an excellent way to learn about the local cuisine and put tastes together with the ingredients that we see (but do not recognize and, therefore, do not buy) at a food store. Using this page I would like to share some of the easy-to-make and cheep-to-prepare recipes with you. As an added bonus these meals may help you to get into a good physical shape at a low-cost. Enjoy!

Rice with Green Salad

White Rice Lunch With Green Salad:

  1. Any lunch is served with steamed rice on the side. There are many types of rice at stores, but white one is the cheapest. Some say it is less healthy. However, there is a quick and easy way to make it healthier. All you need to do is to crumble and sprinkle some dried seaweed over the rice. These paper-thin slices of seaweed have a bit salty taste(Nori), which works great as an extra salty seasoning to plain steamed rice.
  2. Kimchi  – national food. Who can explain better than WIKI what Kimchi is? In short, it may be pickled cabbage or radish with lots of red pepper. I think this is a very cost-effective side dish because it is hard to eat a lot of it.
  3. Soup with hot red pepper, fish scraps and sliced white radish. In the end, it does not matter what you put in it. If the color is red it tastes pretty much like red pepper really.
  4. Green salad calls for 3 or 4 ingredients that are mixed together:
    1. Leaves of Swiss Chard (or some large thick greens) dipped into boiling water for 10 seconds. This cleans and softens the leaves
    2. A hint of shredded carrot for texture and color
    3. Fake crab meat sliced (you are welcome to use the real thing too)
    4. Sesame seeds and a hint of sesame oil

Steamed Rice with Nori; Mushroom Salad with Broccoli; Chicken Strips in Apple Sauce

Rice with Mushroom Salad and Chicken in the Apple Sauce:Can you really beat the price of this lunch? And with the hot summer temperatures it can be refreshing. Everything is served room temperature.

  1. Steamed rice with Nori
  2. Kimchi
  3. Oyster mushrooms (mini and large), broccoli, sesame seeds, shredded carrot softened on a sauté pan for 1-2 minutes (do not fry, salad has a crunchy texture). If you use a different kind of mushroom (Oak or Portobello), I would sauté those longer
  4. Breaded chicken strips dipped in apple sauce. Add fresh sliced carrots and cucumber.
  5. Soup. Sorry, did not swallow the second spoonful – too spicy. I noticed some sprouts, onion and dough noodles. I am sure you can recreate a soup with clear broth to your liking that will go well for hot weather! But if you feel adventurous here is a recipe of a soup for you.

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