Traditional Restaurants

Traditional Korean Restaurants

This is how a typical Korean meal looks like: lot’s of side dishes (most are spicy, but healthy), fish, marinated seafood (that is an experience to try), everyone is sharing the food… feels like a big family gathering.

Price range of traditional Korean restaurants vary on the size of an establishment, location and the menu. One may find fancy and expensive or small and very reasonably priced. Food quality does not depend on the price, however.

Traditional Korean barbecue

Traditional Korean barbecue

Delicious chicken soup with rice. A small chicken is stuffed with rice. A customer de-bone the chicken and return the filet into the hot stone-like ball with rice and broth. Excellent with Korean herbs and spices. There are two kinds: one is with the spices for health, the other is with the spices for beauty. Guess which one I choose?

Doncasa – aka Pork Cutlet. Delicious  cheap and not spicy. Having been to Korea for almost a year “not spicy” is becoming a very tempting preposition.

Doncasa - pork cultet

Doncasa – pork cutlet

Insadong-gil is a great destination to try out Korean traditional food. Here one can find a variety of venues and prices:  anything  starting from street stands to restaurants with grand chandeliers and everything in between.

Walking anywhere in Korea one may find hundreds of family-style diners that serve Korean food. Most of these places look intimidating for a foreigner: menus in Korean only, floor seating, small, crowded, and often these places are located in tiny alleys… . However, if you are lucky to have a Korean-speaking guide or a friend, a street diner like this can be a very cheap, fast, healthy and satisfying alternative to a Western-style sit-down restaurant.

Busan – a port city – has a tradition of fresh fish markets. At a fish market one may buy seafood to take home to cook, fish store owners buy fish in bulk, also tourists can choose a fish to be cooked and served right there on the spot. Fish market diners can not really be called restaurants: plastic tables are set up on the curb of a street, or between the buildings, but I guarantee – you have never tasted more fresh and delicious grilled, boiled or fried seafood.

Fish harbor

Fish harbor

Simple curb-side set-up

Simple curb-side set-up




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