Tea Houses

Insadong-gil. Osulloc tea shop and cafe.

Tropical Dream Green Tea

Tropical Dream Green Tea

Osullocis a Korean grown tea brand. Osulloc, fortunately situated on heavenly Jeju Island, is a tea brand that cultivates and delivers the true essence of Korean tea culture. They have dozens of tea varieties. You should absolutely try the following: Happy Green Tea, Samdayeon Jeju Tangerine, Red Papaya Black Tea, and the rest of them. For example, Tropical Dream Tea is a sweet and aromatic green tea that lightly suggests an exotic blend of flavors. The experience culminates with the serving experience of the tea. By the way,  to brew certain teas, the staff uses a certain type of water. So, you can not just ask for a refill any passing by waiter, you have to order hot water for your specific type of tea. All deserts sold at this tea house are made with tea to enhance the tea experience.

Insa-dong area has a few modern tea houses that serve traditional tea. They all bring an unforgettable experience of relaxation and taste.


Sumcheong-dong; Bukchon. Chon Tea House.

This is a very traditional tea house “Chon,” where a customer is responsible for brewing his or her own tea. But first, the customer has to choose the best suited type of tea by answering a detailed questioner-which list about his or her health needs.  A sand clock is provided to help the customer keep the track of time of brewing. The tea is kept warm in a glass pot over a burning candle since the experience of making and drinking tea is a time-consuming process. Some dried natural berries are served with the tea to help to underline the flavor.


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