Korean Cuisine

“Korean cuisine is unique – quite unlike the cooking of either of its giant neighbours, China or Japan, both of which are now staples of the western food scene – and the South Korean government is keen to do more to promote it.”

-By Lucy Williamson; BBC News, Seoul

“Korean cuisine is a source of national pride because it is distinct from the neighboring countries of China and Japan. You only have to flip through the hundreds of cable channels here in Korea. Almost every other show is about Korea’s many regional cuisines…The Korean cuisine is a symbol of the country’s long history, its cultural heritage, the land, and perpetual struggle to remain independent from the imperial powers that surrounded the country for centuries. But there is a catch…Korea hardly grows any food. Except for rice where Korea is self-sufficient due to protective measures, South Korea imports 90% of its food from abroad.”

-By Anders Riel Muller


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