Healthy Eating for Busy Moms

Secret #2 – precook what you can, especially grains and even pasta. In my student years I got to work in expensive restaurants. Do you think you are getting all “just-made” meals there??? On a Saturday night during the dinner rush??? Busy moms are allowed to run their kitchens like expensive restaurants.

saladDay 1. Cook orzo pasta (or any small pasta) al dente. My husband cannot eat raw bell peppers, so I add chopped one into the boiling water for 2 minutes to make it tenderer. Drain, run cold water through it, and add olive oil. Put in the fridge. You can store pasta without sauce about to 48 hours. (Process takes 10 minutes)

Day 2. Chop your favorite veggies for salad. Add pasta from the fridge. Do not forget to sprinkle with seeds and nuts! Being vegetarian (vegan) means that you look for iron, magnesium, and protein in plants. So, seeds are your new best friends: they have true vitamins, minerals, oils, and taste. (10 minutes)


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