Dynamic Busan

DSC_0142The official logo of Busan on all traveling websites reads “Dynamic Busan.” Having spent even a short amount of time there, it is easy to see the unique features of the city, which earn its title of “dynamic.” What is so dynamic about Busan? Unlike New York, Busan sleeps, and there is no Times Square or Madison Square Garden. No. The city’s rapid growth and ever changing view warrants such a nickname. Much like technology that keeps reinventing its looks, buildings in Busan also undergo a perpetual image update. Today 30-year old apartments look as bulky and uncomfortable as a 30-year old desktop in an office. Buildings from the 1990s clash so much with the newly constructed glass high-rises that the former become something of an eyesore. Panoramic views of Busan’s harbor look like mismatched patches of a quilt with every color, fabric and purpose imaginable on the backdrop of rising mountains. Trying to build newer and more modern looking apartment towers, they run out of space, which gives the city a cramped, uncomfortable and futuristic feeling of an overpopulated metropolis.

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In addition, it is the second largest city in Korea, so it boasts a busy transportation system with buses and subway lines. Busan is a major port in the country with cargo trucks swishing on and off the loading docks that stretch for miles along the coast and cargo ships sailing off to all continents in the world.


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