The Baseball Experience in Korea

Have you ever been to a baseball game? If yes, then you know what it is: heat, food, beer, lots of sitting and eating (mingling, if we wish to be PC). Sorry to offend any baseball fans, but – boy, it is very boring, especially if you do not drink beer.

Korean style baseball is quite different. For example, fans are more strictly seated according to their teams. Fans of the Doosan Bears will almost exclusively be on one side, and the fans of the LG Twins on the opposite side. The game begins and two sets of cheerleaders pop up: one for each team. Music is going almost non-stop throughout the entire game as the scantily clad cheerleaders dance on their platforms. The 30-second video below captures some of the excitement in the stadium, and this energy level remains at this height throughout the entire game. Mind you, this is just an ordinary game of the season, not a playoff game.  Again, this is the energy level for every pitch of the game. Of course, food and beer is walking around too.

But what I loved most is the free daycare center for children at the stadium for the duration of the game. Should a child get bored sitting in one place, there are several daycare centers – aka closed-off playgrounds – inside the stadium, which are divided according to the age of children. A parent can drop off a child and leave an ID and a cellphone number with the daycare worker at one of these playgrounds and enjoy the game while the little one is enjoying running around or jumping on a giant inflatable castle.

There is a giant screen that features many games between the innings including the “Kissing game.” In short, the spectators are generously entertained throughout the game and they return the favor by actively cheering for their teams, slapping inflatable cheer-sticks together, participating in activities, moves, and dances. In short, with such rambunctious fans, baseball in Korea can be more exciting than an NFL playoff game.

Click here to watch the video clip.


February 17th: Trip Update

Hope we will fit in the car...

Hope we will fit in the car…

Over the weekend we purchased almost all necessary items, as you can see from the pictures below. We spent 470,000W at VIC and Emart Traders. We are saving 100,000W for the transportation related costs on the day of travel. The remaining 140,000W will be spent this week, as we are yet to buy: 2 cakes, 70 oranges, and toilet tissues. Most likely we will purchase oranges and tissue online with the delivery at the orphanage address. There is a serious concern that we will not have space in the car to transport all the items. So, delivery of some items may be the right way to go.

Thank you everyone who contributed to purchase the items.

Stay tuned for more updates on the trip.

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Thank you donors!

Big thank you to our donors: Lake Country Estate Sales, LLC  and Luidmila Z! We are on the final stretch. The city is getting ready for the Lunar New Year. We are going to start shopping this week too for the supplies. Everything will be photo-recorded so that you would feel as involved as possible.