Why did we choose Iksan orphanage?

There are so many orphans out there in the world.  In every country, no matter how advanced, no matter what sort of government, each country has children who have no parents for one reason or another.  So why did we choose this particular orphanage to visit and help?
This particular orphanage in Iksan exists off the grid.  The orphanage is not advertised to foreigners and so the odds of a foreigner adopting a child from here are quite small.  In addition, the Korean people value lineage very highly and they typically are not interested in adoption.
In short, the odds are that these children are destined to forever be orphans.
This fact broke our hearts.
We discovered this orphanage in a very personal way:  This is where Daniel’s sister spent the first 4 years of her life.  She came to visit us with her family this past summer and we all took a trip to see the place where she lived so long ago.  The children were shy and sweet and curious about us.  One little girl wanted to have her picture taken with us, sort of like a family photo.  They did not have a camera and we used our own.  The young girl had little hope of ever seeing the picture… she simply wanted to participate in a family activity.
So how could we not come back?  How could we not want to help?
And so this is the answer to the question “why?”

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