Seoul Art Center


Seoul Art Center is the representing arts complex visited by two million users every year in Korea. It presents more that 1,400 performances and 100 exhibitions in the specialized spaces offering various events of the renowned national and international artists, musicians, and dancers to the audiences. In my opinion, the highlights of this February are: London Symphony Orchestra (Feb 28th), Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Riccardo Muti (Feb 6, 7), Suwon Philharmonic Orchestra performing Tchaikovsky Series (Feb 20), Musei Vaticani Exhibit, American Impressionism (1870-1940) Exhibit, Van Gogh in Paris Exhibit. If you happen to be in Seoul this month, check the full schedule at

Seoul Art Center can surely keep a tourist busy with 1 opera house, 2 art museums, 1 design museum and a music hall. Do not miss the exhibit “Van Gogh in Paris” which runs till March 24th, 2013.  The exhibit showcases the work of Van Gogh before his move to Paris. His time in Paris was the period of discovering new art and becoming a new artist. We can see his artistic talents and genius in art since he absorbed art of the time, and was able to developed his own style within such a short period of time. The time in Paris is the fruitful academic research that changed Van Gogh from a realist into a modernist. This exhibit is the result of 7-year academic research of experts in Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.


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