School Lunches in Korea

A heated debate was created when First Lady Michelle Obama took up an initiative of improving school lunches and steering the kids towards healthier diets. Working at various public schools in WI I observed firsthand what food is served at an elementary school cafeteria. I would name that food “an orange lunch.” Somehow the food would be orange in color – fried potato, pizza, hot dog, carrot, applesauce, etc. Some other colors could include green (for pees) and red (for pizza sauce).

This winter break I was running a winter English camp for elementary school children at a Canadian International School in Seoul. It is an expensive private foreign school with more than 90% of students being Korean natives. The school follows the curriculum of the British Columbia educational system. The lunches served for students were typically Korean. For two weeks I had a smile on my face trying to imagine what the American media would have said had this food been offered to American schoolchildren. Take a look at my photo gallery and judge for yourselves.

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One thought on “School Lunches in Korea

  1. I started a farm-to-school nonprofit organization, with efforts to improve school lunches in Dallas, Texas. I was appalled at what is considered “food” for American children. But, it is not just a problem in the schools. Not even mostly.

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