Images of Seoul

I hope this slide show (click on an image to see a large view) will convey the feeling of vastness that Seoul inspires with its population of over 10 million people. The city is literally growing upward.

However, thanks to the mountainous landscape a visitor never gets the feeling of sinking in the sea of concrete buildings. Hills and mountains create autonomous neighborhoods, and architects and city planners did a good job of making those areas appealing to visitors’ eyes. Modern parts of Seoul are built with the vision that looks into the near future: streets are wide and spacious to accommodate present and future traffic flow. City planners remembered to preserve parks and green areas. In fact, around and in parts of Seoul there are at least 7 vast parks with over 17 mountains, cut rocks and tall trees. Seoul metropolitan area is used for hiking, which is a national pastime in Korea. In short, there are many areas within the city and just outside of it that can be successfully utilized by people who are looking to escape from urban life on weekends and during vacations.


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