Plastic wrappers

When visiting Korea, one can’t help but notice the difference in product wrapping. In the US I felt there was a variety of wrapping styles: bottles, boxes, paper, baggies, plastic jackets, cans, tins, etc. Here, although all these packaging styles mentioned above do exist, still overwhelmingly I see plastic jackets are used far more often everywhere and on everything. Especially when it comes to food packaging. If you buy a box of cookies, they will be individually wrapped in plastic jackets inside the box. Wrapping cookies in this fashion makes absolute sense, since it preserves the crispiness of cookies in this humid climate. However, it does not explain why they chose this thin plastic to wrap up everything else including clothes, stationary, cosmetic products, toys, etc. I am not a die-hard environmentalist, so I cannot say whether 10 of these thin plastic jackets are any better than 10 plastic boxes for recycling purposes, but it is just so bizarre to have almost everything wrapped up in a plastic jacket with an adhesive strip to close it as if it were an envelope. If any of you could answer what’s up with individual plastic wrapping, let me know. For now, just enjoy my gallery to see what I mean.

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