Korea – a place where vampires will blend in

In my lifetime I have seen one or two (OK three) vampire stories: just enough to know that vampires are the creatures who are not friends with the sun. Modern day story variations are trying to put vampires in the midst of our modern daily (as in day-time) life and wrap the whole package with a tender love story. But here is the pickle – vampires are not crazy about the sunlight. So, in order not to have it a story of a one-night stand, vampire fans are imploring directors and writers to exert so much of their imagination and compensate for this shortcoming. The typical explanation techniques include, but are not limited to the following: mutation, futuristic drugs, evolution, half-breeds, amnesia – oh, no that’s right, amnesia is a trademark of soaps. Anyway, directors are hoping the public will be convinced in the believability of a vampire walking and falling in love in the middle of the day amidst us, mortals.

I think I have a better suggestion how to resolve this sun-hating predicament in order to keep a vampire walking during the daytime sun-free and yet not jeopardize the believability. Use Korea as the place of setting for the actions! Time of setting can easily be present day. An average Korean, especially a middle aged one, is absolutely petrified of the sun. This is the definite impression that an observer gets while walking city streets in Korea. People are willingly wearing absurdly funny sun-protection gear to avoid contact with even a single sunray. I am convinced that Bella and what’s-his-face (had they had a problem of tolerating the sunlight) can be easily hidden behind sun caps, neck-nets, arm nets and so on.

For more sun-protective gear see my gallery.

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