Traveling tips for May aka “Family Month”

University Campus: games and activities

In Korea, May is also called “Family Month” because of all the family holidays that take place. Only the first two weeks of May bring 3 major holidays: Children’s Day, Parent’s Day and Teachers’ Day. Add to that my personal birthday and you have two weeks of cake eating, which we have been engaging in for the past few weeks. I am amazed at the extent of festivals that take place here in May. Every township, city, province, etc. feels necessary to partake in the celebrations and create its own festival. This past weekend our school held a “Rose Festival.” (For video – click here). There were the usual vendor sales, performances, and games with the evening culmination of fireworks. By the way, I was very surprised when I saw that our university is shooting fireworks. I think in the US a school would be criticized for wasteful spending. Here it was all part of a two-day celebration with the hopes of promoting the school in the area. In short, if you are interested in travelling in Korea, I recommend getting here in May. The weather is not too hot, there is little rain, the trees and flowers are in full bloom, and you get to take part in numerous free festivities all around the nation.

University Campus: set up for the Rose Festival

University Campus: set up for the Rose Festival


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